HAPPINESS HABITS, Episodes #2607-2613

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HAPPINESS HABITS, Episodes #2607-2613

Mary Meckley
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Welcome to a full week of cultivating Happiness Habits!

Does happiness seem to evade you? You may be surprised to discover that happiness doesn't always come naturally. In fact, science reveals that happiness is a habit. This week, you're focusing on creating habits that contribute to your happiness. Align your values as you create unique happiness goals. In each episode, you'll discover a different happiness habit to help you fully live your best life yet.


You're Invited To Take Part In Happiness Quest. Every day, do something that makes you happy. 

Day 1 Happiness Habits to Feel Happier: You're introduced to the first happiness habit -- know what makes you happy!

Day 2 Happiness Habits, Happiness Affirmation: Sometimes what you need most is right in front of you. Be guided as you repeat an affirmation to open up to opportunities all around. you.

Day 3 Happiness Habits, Inner Peace Breathing Technique: "All or nothing" thinking can be a great saboteur of happiness. In today's meditation, you'll be guided with a breathing technique to help you tap into inner joy when negative thoughts begin to derail your emotions.

Day 4 Happiness Habits, Feel More Confident About Your Future: Creating happiness takes you on a journey that may include a great deal of uncertainty. In today's meditation, you'll be guided to embrace change with confidence and certainty.

Day 5 Happiness Habits, How to Feel Happy Everyday: Enjoy happiness in the moment. You can be happy today. There's no need to wait until everything is just right on your happiness journey.

Day 6 Happiness Habits, Inner Joy Meditation: Be guided in a beautiful Happiness Flow Meditation for deep inner joy. Layer together the meditation techniques we've explored this week to transition from distractions to inner peace.

Day 7 Happiness Habits, Happiness Within: You're guided in the all-important weekly reflection in today's meditation. Reflect over your week and notice what improved your happiness, and what inhibited it.


To take you even more deeply into the meditation series, you have additional tools! You receive a Slow Down Guide with all the meditation techniques organized at your fingertips. You also receive a Daily Reflection Journal with a daily reflection question greeting you each day.

Boost your happiness today!

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Create a new happiness habit every day as you're guided with daily 30-minute meditation files, a Daily Journal pdf., a Slow Down Guide pdf.

7 audio 30-minute guided meditation files, 7-day Journal pdf. Slow Down Guide pdf
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