ULTIMATE SELF-CARE, Episodes #2446-2452

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ULTIMATE SELF-CARE, Episodes #2446-2452

Mary Meckley
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Welcome to a week of ultimate self-care!

This week, you'll be guided on a journey to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Consider what you need most in your life right now and create slow-down rituals for self-care. In each episode, you'll be guided with daily 30-minute guided meditations that relax your mind and body.


  • Day 1:  Guided visualization to uplift your thoughts.
  • Day 2:  Be guided in an affirmation to instantly calm your mind and body.
  • Day 3:  Discover a breathing technique to soothe emotional upset.
  • Day 4:  Be guided as you slow down and relax in the moment.
  • Day 5:  Discover how to process difficult emotions.
  • Day 6:  Soothe your mind, body, and soul in the ultimate self-care meditation.
  • Day 7:  A self-care plan to last a lifetime.

YOUR WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Go on a Three-Best Quest -- You're invited to join our 3 Best Quest by doing three self-care rituals every day. Consider the kind of self-care you need most in your life and weave three daily rituals into your life.


To take you even more deeply into the meditation series, you have additional tools! You receive a Slow Down Guide with all the meditation techniques organized at your fingertips. You also receive a Daily Reflection Journal with a daily reflection question greeting you each day.

You deserve the Ultimate Self-Care!

I want this!

Be guided in a meditation series for the ultimate self-care. You receive a week-long meditation series of daily guided 30-minute meditations, a Daily Reflection Journal pdf with a daily question to take you deeper into the week's theme, and a Slow Down Guide with the full week's meditation techniques for easy reference.

7 30-minute audio files, Daily Journal pdf, Slow Down Guide pdf
$17.99 for an entire weeklong meditation series with tools for extra support!
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